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Travel Restrictions And Increased Patrols In Place For Safe Halloween Week At Nissequogue River State Park

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation announced that the travel
restrictions on Kings Park Boulevard and park roads will again be in effect within Nissequogue River
State Park to prevent trespassing and criminal mischief at the former Kings Park Psychiatric Center
during Halloween week.

Beginning on Friday, October 27th, 2023, additional patrols and roadway restrictions to the property
will begin. Increased patrols, conducted by the New York State Park Police and New York State Park
staff, will be in effect until November 1st 2023. Only vehicles and individuals with appropriate reason
will be authorized to travel the roadway or walk within the Park during this time period. The restriction will be enforced to prevent acts of vandalism and criminal mischief, and to prohibit access to a site potentially hazardous to individuals’ health and safety. After November 1st, the New York State Park Police and State Park staff will continue regular patrols and monitoring of the grounds and buildings.

The former Kings Park Psychiatric Center buildings pose numerous potential hazards to trespassers,

  • Unstable walls and roofs which are at risk of collapse
  • Hazardous and cancer-causing substances in the air, including asbestos, lead and PCBs
  • Poison ivy plants surrounding the buildings and potentially dangerous or diseased animals
    inside the buildings
  • Exposed broken glass and sharp-edged metal
  • Criminal activity

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