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Plan A Special Valentine’s Day

Couples have been commemorating their love for one another in February for quite some time. Couples may go about such celebrating in their own unique ways, but it’s not uncommon to focus on a night out on the town. Valentine’s Day is a busy holiday for many businesses, but especially so at

Sweet Cookies For Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to shower loved ones with special gifts, including treats. Dessert is a significant component of Valentine’s Day, as chocolates and cakes are given and consumed in abundance. French macarons are a great sweet for amateur bakers to add to their Valentine’s Day repertoire. Making macarons often is a labor of […]

Ceviche Makes Valentine’s Day Dinner Special

Valentine’s Day dinners out on the town can be special. However, there is no denying that reservations can be difficult to come by and some establishments must limit their menus for this busy night to make it easier to serve a packed house. Because restaurants can be so busy on February 14, some couples may […]

Valentine’s Day Indulgence Done Devilishly Right

If asked to describe the favored foods of Valentine’s Day in a single word, “decadent” might prove the most apt descriptor. Foodies and non-foodies alike recognize that Valentine’s Day and chocolate are intertwined, making the day an ideal time to indulge in something decadent. This Valentine’s Day, couples can share their love for decadent delights […]

Set A Romantic Tone With Cheesecake This Valentine’s Day

Romance is in the air come Valentine’s Day. Though chocolate, oysters and honey are often seen as aphrodisiacs, there is no evidence to back such perceptions up. However, Healthline reports that fenugreek, saffron, red ginseng, and pistachios might boast the properties often associated with aphrodisiacs. People have been eating pistachio nuts since 6,000 B.C. Pistachios
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Fall In Love With These Romantic Films

Stories of romance are as old as love itself. That makes Valentine’s Day an ideal time to indulge in a romantic comedy or classic love story. Plenty of films can be enjoyed while snuggled up with a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. The following can serve as a romantic starting point for couples looking to cozy […]
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Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

The National Retail Federation indicates Valentine’s Day is the fifth largest spending event in the United States after the winter holidays and Mother’s Day. Each February, people clamber to get gifts for their sweethearts and create romantic memories through fine dining and decadent desserts. According to Finder, a tool used to navigate complex decision-making processes,
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Planning Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

February 14 is a day dedicated to love. And for couples who are pondering their futures together, Valentine’s Day may seem tailor-made for wedding proposals. According to a survey of 1,000 married adults by James Allen, an online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer, people really love getting engaged on Valentine’s Day. Forty-three percent of Millennials […]

A Valentine’s Day Dessert Whipped Up In An Unusual Way

Decadent treats and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Couples typically exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, and those gifts are often accompanied by something sweet. A 2017 survey from Statista found that 44 percent of respondents intended to purchase candy and sweets for their significant other on Valentine’s Day. That made candy and sweets the […]

Red Gemstones For Your Sweetheart

The world is awash in red come Valentine’s Day. Red is considered a passionate and warming color, which is why it often is tied to the emotions of love and desire. Red also symbolizes heat, longing and strength. In some cultures, red is viewed as good luck and used to ward off bad spirits. Gift […]