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Tread Lightly Around Jellyfish

If a trip to the beach is in the near future, the chance to spot marine life is right around the corner. Various creatures inhabit the depths of the world’s oceans — many of which are never spotted unless they venture close to the beach or wash up on shore. Cult-favorite movies like “Jaws” and […]

Switch Up Summer Cocktails With A Fizzy Find

As the seasons change, it’s time to freshen up food and beverage offerings so they align more closely with seasonal vibes. Light, fresh and fizzy cocktails seem tailor-made for warm evenings. Some cocktails get their effervescence from sparkling wines. as bellini or mimosa devotees can attest. This summer also may be a great time to […]

Gluten-Free Baking Easy And Tasty

Gluten-free diets are a necessity for people who have Celiac’s Disease, a condition that causes an immune reaction in the small intestine from eating gluten. This reaction causes damage to the small intestines that can lead to pain and other symptoms. Going gluten-free also is a choice for people who experience other reactions to eating […]

Country Cooking With A Southern Flair

Country cooking elicits visions of straight-from-the-garden vegetables and farm-fresh meats and dairy. For those in the United States, country cooking and Southern cooking may be thought of as interchangeable, as so many homespun meals are made that much more delicious with some southern influence. Buttermilk-infused recipes are part of any country cook’s repertoire, as

Eat Your Veggies Via A Classic Dish

Vegetables are an important component of a nutritious diet because they are full of vitamins and minerals. According to the online medical resource Healthline, vegetables also are loaded with antioxidants and other plant compounds that help fight free radicals that damage cells. Vegetable serving sizes typically range from 1/2 cup to 1 cup. The Mayo […]
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Horizons And Youth Bureau Kick-Off The 5th Annual Pizza Box Top And Sticker Shock Campaign To Combat Underage Drinking

The Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling and Education Center and Smithtown Youth Bureau, in conjunction with the 4th Precinct of the Suffolk County Police Department, launched the 5th Annual Pizza Box Top and Sticker Shock campaign on Friday, April 30th. This youth-led initiative works to educate and change adult attitudes regarding providing or selling alcohol […]
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Coldwell Banker Real Estate To Expand Footprint In New York Intending To Use The Coldwell Banker American Homes Name

Thomas Gallagher and Michael Litzner, leaders in New York real estate brokerage and owners of Century 21 American Homes, announced a strategic acquisition on Long Island and Queens, New York. The two co-broker owners will acquire the assets of Coldwell Banker Realty on Long Island, a leading residential brokerage operation in New York, owned and […]
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Hempstead Town To Host First-Time Homebuyer Seminars

Buying a first home can be overwhelming. There are so many aspects that can make it an intimidating experience. With things like broker fees, mortgages, property taxes, and home inspections to worry about, it’s not easy to know how to begin. Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin, along with Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby and Councilmen Bruce Blakeman, […]