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    To provide fair and equal chance of winning to all Long Island Media Group readers, the following are the Official Rules for all Contests:

    Entering Contests:
    Entrants must submit entries using the correct contest entry form and must provide any other specific information requested in the contest announcement. To be eligible, entries must be completed and received on or by the closing date of the contest drawing. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. All entries are property of Long Island Media Group. We are not responsible for lost, misdirected or delayed entries. 

    Prizes are not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded. Winners may not request substitutions of prize winnings. Approximate value of prizes may vary. Winners are solely responsible for any and all taxes and/or fees, and all such additional costs that may be incurred.

    If the specified prize becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, Long Island Media Group may substitute a prize of equal value. Management, employees and families of Long Island Media Group are prohibited from winning any prizes awarded by the publication.

    By claiming the prize, the winner authorizes the use, without additional compensation, of his/her name and municipality of residence for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium (including, without limitation, newspapers, flyers and distribution over the internet) which Long Island Media Group may deem appropriate.

    Neither Long Island Media Group, their sponsors, nor their employees may be held liable for any warranty, costs, damage, injury or any other claims incurred as a result of usage of a prize once possession has been taken of the product by the winner. 

    Long Island Media Group reserves the right to alter any rules of any contest at any time. 

    If you have any questions or complaints about a Long Island Media Group contest, please contact us at 631.226.2636.