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Consider A Romantic Getaway This Valentine’s Day

Escaping the daily grind (and winter weather depending on where you live) may be a top priority when February arrives. Fortunately, there are plenty of destinations to beckon couples eager for romantic getaways.

For those planning a romantic excursion this Valentine’s Day, there are many places close to home or all around the world that provide romantic ambiance.

• Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls is part of both Canada and the United States. It is best known as a honeymoon destination, attracting millions of couples each year who want to get a glimpse of the breathtaking falls. The areas surrounding Niagara Falls continue to be revitalized and now boast restaurants, a casino and performance venues.

• Napa Valley, California: Rolling vineyards, cozy caverns, restaurants, luxurious hotels, and amazing landscapes draw visitors to this area time and again. A wine lover’s paradise, Napa can be the ideal backdrop for intimate conversations and tours taken hand-in-hand.

• New York, New York: While a visit to the Big Apple can appeal to just about anyone looking for a getaway, couples focused on romance may find it especially endearing. Individuals can take famed carriage rides through historic Central Park or recreate the pivotal scene from “Sleepless in Seattle” atop the Empire State Building. Scores of eateries, coffee shops, theaters, and more make NYC a great Valentine’s Day destination.

• Positano, Italy: This village on the Amalfi coast possesses all the components that make for a romantic getaway. From pastel-colored buildings to idyllic beaches to stunning sunsets to local shops for browsing, it’s well worth the stamp in a passport to see this seaside town.

• Quebec City: Travelers long have flocked to Quebec for its history and European flair. With cobblestone streets, cafes and amazing architecture — not to mention French-speaking residents — it’s hard to beat the romantic appeal of his city.

• Hawaiian islands: Islands like Maui and Kauai feel like faraway paradises, even though they are a part of the United States. Luxe resorts, tropic climes, breathtaking beaches, and the marvels of richly hued nature consistently place Hawaii among the most romantic destinations in the world.

• Savannah, Georgia: Southern charm and rich history draw people to this Georgia gem. Tupelo and cypress trees create picturesque views, and there is a wealth of cozy inns for out-of-towners.

• Seville, Spain: An hour away from Spain’s southern coast, Seville features historic architectural treasures, delectable eateries, magnificent plazas, and other attractions that are ideal for romance-minded travelers.

• Aspen: Couples who want to cuddle in a lodge and enjoy the slopes and sights can spend a few days in this quintessential skiing paradise.

Romantic couples who love to sightsee have numerous options at their disposal this Valentine’s Day.

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