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Tips To Save When Shopping For A July Fourth Barbecue

Barbecues are part and parcel of July Fourth celebrations. Such get-togethers might be even more notable in 2024, when Independence Day falls on a Thursday. That means many people will likely be taking off on Friday, July 5, which adds another day to celebrate with friends and family around the grill this year.

Opportunities to entertain will abound this July, and that can take a toll on hosts’ pocketbooks. As the holiday approaches, individuals planning to host a July 4 barbecue can heed these tips to save on food and supplies at the grocery store.

• Ask guests to bring a side and/or beverages. Hot dogs and hamburgers may garner the bulk of the culinary attention at a July 4 barbecue, but side dishes are necessary as well. When inviting guests, ask each to bring a side dish or dessert. Potato salad, mixed greens, pasta salad, chickpea salad, and other cold fare go well with traditional barbecue favorites, and asking guests to bring these along can save hosts substantial amounts of money. If guests can’t bring food, ask them to bring beverages like soft drinks, iced tea, beer, or wine.

• Consider less expensive cuts of meat. If steak is on the menu at your Independence Day barbecue, consider purchasing less expensive cuts of meat. The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association notes that chuck cuts like flat-iron steaks and petite filets are flavorful cuts that won’t cost nearly as much as rib-eyes and New York strip steaks. Hosts also can save on burgers by purchasing ground beef and creating their own patties as opposed to purchasing pre-made hamburgers from their grocer’s meat department. The HPBA notes that chicken thighs, legs or quarters also tend to be less expensive than chicken breasts.

• Grill up healthy fare. Vegetables are less expensive than meat and poultry, and there’s many ways to prepare veggies over an open flame. Grilled vegetable skewers are flavorful and popular, and guests might appreciate some nutritious fare to counter all the less healthy items they’re accustomed to eating at July 4 barbecues.

There’s no shortage of ways to save money when celebrating July 4 in the backyard. This year hosts can celebrate to the fullest without breaking the bank.

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