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Summer Camp Options Abound

Camps catering to a variety of interests are open to youngsters, so there’s likely one out there to excite every child. Each year, more than 25 million children and adults take part in the camp experience, says the American Camp Association. Summer camp gives kids a chance to spread their wings and enjoy new adventures. When seeking camps, families can consider interests, proximity, cost, and other variables. Here are some of the different types of camps families can consider.

Day camp
Day camps are a popular choice. Day camps tend to be general recreation camps that offer an array of activities. Campers are dropped off (or bussed) in the morning, and arrive home early evening. These camps are readily accessible and run by various organizations. Some camps enable you to pay by the week, rather than committing to an entire season.

Sleep-away camp
Like the name implies, sleep-away camp hosts campers overnight, typically for several weeks. This may be children’s first extended time away from home, and there’s bound to be a few nerves that spring up. Round-the-clock activities and chances to bond with their peers can help kids overcome fears of being away from home.

Academic camp
Academic camps focus their attention on various subjects, putting like-minded children together. Academic summer programs ensure children’s brains stay active, helping students avoid that dreaded “summer slide.” Some of these camps mimic a school day so they are familiar to kids. Academic focus may vary from general academia to specific subjects like STEM to astronomy to the arts.

Scout camp
Boys and girls participating in scouting programs often have the option to attend summer camp. During camp kids will have an opportunity to earn badges and advance their rank. Many scout districts have relationships with a specific scout campsite where troops from all over live and advance together for a week or so during the summer.

Fitness and sports camps
Fitness-minded campers or those who play particular sports can investigate camps that focus on fitness and sports performance. These may be more rigorous than other types of camps since they involve lots of physical activity. Wilderness preparation camp is another type of camp that may fit into this category. It will highlight survival training and help mold active hikers and campers.

Summer camp options abound. It’s only a matter of identifying a path for children and then seeking a camp that offers the desired program.

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