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Ideas For Fun On Family Vacations

Vacations are a great way to escape the daily grind and relax while making memories. According to a recent survey from Nationwide Travel Insurance, U.S. consumers are optimistic about travel plans throughout 2024. Ninety-one percent said they have plans to travel domestically, and 50 percent had international trips on the horizon. Also, 40 percent intended to travel more than they did in 2023.

A large percentage of those traveling will be doing so as families. School breaks make summer a great time for families to get away, although savvy family travelers also buck the trends and opt to travel when the crowds may be lighter. Certain vacations and activities are best geared toward family vacationers. Explore these ideas before booking a vacation.

• Stay at an all-inclusive resort. Whether you stay on domestic soil or travel abroad, an all-inclusive resort is a fine option for families. That’s because once the trip is booked and paid for, all of the food, most of the beverages and many amenities are all handled. That means families can simply check in and start having fun. All-inclusive resorts may feature board games, water sports, movie nights, and even kids-only dance clubs.

• Play miniature golf. Miniature golf games and warm summer evenings are a perfect match. Most resort towns have at least one mini golf course to test skills on the small-scale links. During times when the weather may not be ideal, indoor mini golf can be an entertaining diversion.

• Set up camp. Campsites and RV parks offer a bevy of activities for active families. Not only is there the excitement of sleeping away from home and next to nature, but certain campsites also serve as small, self-contained resorts with offerings like pools, hot tubs, golf courses, tennis courts, or boating options as part of their featured amenities.

• Take a sight-seeing tour. Check the local travel guides to see which type of entertaining or educational tours are available nearby. There are trolley tours, boat tours, bike tours, and walking tours that present the area sights in an informative light. The benefit of a tour is that all the work is removed and all tourists have to do is show up and enjoy the experience.

• Spend a day swimming. Plenty of family vacations revolve around time around the pool or along the coast. Swimming doesn’t require much gear, and as long as the weather is amenable, it’s possible to while away the hours for most of the day. Even after sundown, the beach can be a go-to spot for bonfires, music and fun. Remember to lather on the sunblock so that sunburns do not derail vacation plans.

• Explore the thrills and attractions. Plan a family vacation a stone’s throw away from an amusement park so that everyone can get their hearts racing on roller coasters and other fast-paced amusements. Theme parks have various rides that are geared toward different age groups.

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