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Suffolk County Legislator Nick Caracappa Holds Press Conference Demanding Safer Conditions on New York State Roadways

Suffolk County Legislator Nick Caracappa (4th LD) led the charge with colleagues in State, County, and Town Government, community and civic leaders, as well as motorcycle organizations and residents to demand the Governor’s immediate attention to the unsafe conditions on New York State roads in Suffolk County. These include, but are not limited to I-495 (The Long Island Expressway), Route 27 (Sunrise Highway) and Route 25 (Middle Country Road).

After issuing a letter signed by all 17 Suffolk County Legislators to Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYS Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez, Caracappa decided the urgency of these dire conditions would be better conveyed by holding a press conference, backed by bi-partisan government officials and community support.

“These roadways are currently in deplorable condition and require immediate attention and proper, long-term repair. The current state of these roadways present very hazardous and dangerous driving conditions to the millions of commuters who depend upon these roadways on a daily basis. Whether it be for work or leisure, commuters place themselves in harm’s way when entering these roadways throughout Suffolk County and beyond,” Caracappa stressed in his remarks. “These State roadways service over one million commuters on a daily basis. I’ve personally observed horrendous and extremely dangerous driving conditions, which undoubtedly cause flat tires, severe auto body damage as well as automobile accidents with personal injury. These incidents are absolutely avoidable and unnecessary for our families, friends, and tourists.”

Caracappa also mentioned that repairs for these roadways are scheduled for completion by 2023-2024, which is an unacceptable time frame. At a time when New York State has received unprecedented levels of federal aid, he felt the time for immediate and decisive action must be now. Several other County Legislators, members of the State Assembly and Senate, Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine, and concerned citizens of the community echoed his plea for immediate repairs to keep our commuters safe.

In the interim, those who have experienced damage to their tires or rims on State roads can call 1-800-POTHOLE to file a claim with New York State. Or, they can file a claim online through this link:

“Until such action is taken, New York State should be held accountable and responsible for every flat tire, bent rim, automobile accident, injury or death caused by the current road conditions of these roadways,” concluded Legislator Caracappa.

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