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Rocky Point’s Soup’er Bowl Celebration

Pictured: Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fourth grade students in Deborah Vieira and Lisa Celentano’s class.

Photo courtesy of the Rocky Point School District

What if everyone who planned to watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 11 gave just one can of soup to a local food charity?

That was the question fourth grade teachers at Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School asked to kickstart their annual “Soup’er Bowl Celebration. Students, families and staff members have been generous in their giving to tackle hunger in the local community and have donated dozens of nonperishables so far.

Teacher Deborah Vieira asked her students why they were collecting food items during this time of year and the replies were heartwarming. Helping those in the community who need care was the No. 1 answer. It is just one more way that JAE students continue to learn beliefs and behaviors that are important for them to have as responsible citizens.

The nonperishable food items will be donated to the food pantry at Rocky Point’s St. Anthony’s Church.

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