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Pint-Sized Philanthropist Empties Her Piggy Bank For Northwell

Every employee of Northwell Health was enriched today, thanks to the overwhelming generosity and love demonstrated by Desiree Mohammodi, a 7-year-old with a heart of gold.

Desiree, who lives with her parents and little sister in Syosset, decided that she had to do something to ease the burdens of health care workers at Northwell Health. So she emptied her piggy bank of the $52.65 that constituted her life savings, and sat down to write a letter to Michael Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell.

In her letter – complete with original drawings and a photo of herself holding a piggy bank – Desiree explained that she’s donating “all her money” to be used for various essential items. She suggested that Mr. Dowling might want to take a break and grab a snack from the vending machines with the money.

In addition, she wrote that her mother, Rose Mohammodi, had said that God hears all prayers of little children. Desiree shared hers with Mr. Dowling: “I pray the world is free of all disease.” She then closed her letter by reminding him to wash his hands.

When Mr. Dowling learned that Desiree was interested in astronomy and had been saving all her money for three years in order to purchase a telescope and an American Girl doll in astronaut grab, he decided that generosity such as hers had to be rewarded.

During a virtual press event held at Northwell’s headquarters, Mr. Dowling listened as Desiree read her letter and presented him with a small but heavy bucket filled with $52.65 in loose change.

“Because we think Desiree is a true superhero, we want to give her a special thank-you,” he said, while presenting the clearly surprised young lady with an American Girl doll almost as tall as she was, and a working telescope.

“Here at Northwell, we believe that now more than ever, the generosity and compassion of one special little girl should be rewarded,” Mr. Dowling said.

When asked how she felt about Mr. Dowling, Desiree exclaimed, “He’s a wonderful man – I love him even more than I love my dog.”

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