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The Stony Brook School Celebrates The Class of 2020

On May 23, The Stony Brook School will be hosting a car-processional to celebrate the hard work and determination of the class of 2020. For the celebration, the school invited seniors and their families to decorate their cars, show school spirit, and parade through campus. Seniors will drive up Chapman Parkway, the road that cuts down the middle of the school’s grounds, at 11 am. Each student will be announced and greeted by members of the school community, including faculty, staff, and dorm parents. Because of space and social distancing constrictions, only seniors and their immediate families are permitted to attend.

Sterling Bank, which is situated directly in front of the school, offered their parking lot for cars to line up before the procession to help provide extra space for students waiting for their moment to shine. 

We’re extremely proud of the class of 2020 and want to honor them while also maintaining social distancing protocol,” said Director of Upper School Kris Ryan. “Our seniors have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and we are excited to provide them with an opportunity to celebrate all that they have accomplished together.”

Because a third of the senior class are boarding students and are unable to make the celebration, the school ordered large cardboard cutouts of the students’ faces to use during the procession. When each name is announced, the student’s faces will be paraded up the street by their faculty or staff advisor—who they have a close and meaningful relationship with—and cheered on by the school community. The event will also be live streamed so those unable to attend can watch in real time.

All in attendance will be required to respect social distancing guidelines and to remain in their cars at all times.

Photo courtesy of The Stony Brook School

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