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Making Sense Of Pumpkins At Massapequa’s Birch Lane

Photos courtesy of the Massapequa School District

Kindergartners used their five senses for a pumpkin observation on Oct. 28 at Birch Lane Elementary School in the Massapequa School District. Teacher Kristin Viets led her young scientists through the Halloween-themed experiment.

Making Sense Of Pumpkins At Massapequa’s Birch Lane

Birch Lane Elementary School kindergartners used their senses for a pumpkin observation, including lifting it up to see how heavy it was.

Students began by drawing a picture of the large pumpkin. With their eyes, they observed its color and size. Using their sense of touch, they felt the outside to see if it was hard or soft, then felt the texture inside, with “slimy” and “gooey” the popular choices to define the mess of pulp and seeds. Together, they lifted it off the desk to see if it was heavy or light.

Making Sense Of Pumpkins At Massapequa’s Birch Lane

Owen McAuley, left, and Patrick Borovina recorded their pumpkin observations.

They knocked on the pumpkin to hear the sound it made, and of course, it was pretty easy to smell with the top cut open. Students saved their taste of a pumpkin for home. Like real scientists, they made sure to record their observations.

Ms. Viets said that in addition to honing their science skills, students enhanced their vocabulary in learning the different parts of a pumpkin and some larger descriptive words.

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