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Local High School Principal Set To Launch His 50th Podcast Episode While Shedding Light On The College Admissions Process

Syosset High School Principal, Dr. John Durante, launched a podcast in February with the goal of providing insights straight from college admission professionals of top national universities and colleges. On July 20, a special episode will be released in celebration of the 50th episode, with a panel of 6 college admissions counselors including Vanderbilt University, Syracuse University, Penn State, Adelphi University, Michigan State, and NYU.

Through the podcast, named The College Admissions Process Podcast (The CAPP), students and parents can hear straight from the people who ultimately make the decisions, with insight and advice on every aspect of the college admissions process. Episodes available include interviews with admission counselors from the nation’s top colleges, including Carnegie Mellon, Tulane, the University of Kentucky, the University of Miami, Cornell, the University of Michigan, Indiana, Bucknell, Wake Forest, and the University of Georgia, just to name a few. New episodes are released each week. It is available anywhere you subscribe to podcasts by searching for The College Admissions Process Podcast, and students and parents can send questions or comments to:

The College Admissions Process Podcast was featured in the Profiles in Education supplement, made available through the Anton Media Group. Click here to see a copy of that publication (page 3B).  Dr. Durante was also featured in an article published by US News and World Report for his efforts to help students and their parents with the College Admissions Process.

Dr. John Durante, a Stony Brook alum, has been the principal of Syosset High School for 12 years. He is also a member of the Stony Brook University Distributed Teacher and Leader program Advisory Board.  In 2016 he was named Best Principal on Long Island from the Bethpage Federal Credit Union and is also a recipient of the PTA Founders Day Award and Jenkins Award.  Dr. Durante started his career at Syosset High School in 1994 as a teacher of world languages and he prides himself on helping others.

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