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Washington Drive’s Domino Club Has A Blast With Huge Final Setup

The final session was a blast for the Domino Club at Washington Drive Primary School in the Harborfields Central School District.

The students who participated in the Domino Club, which runs over a period of six weeks, first learned how to play the traditional game of dominoes along with terms such as bones, the boneyard and strategies on how to play and score. In the club’s second half, they learned how to do domino setups, including how to set up and space them properly, how to do splits and curves, and most importantly, how to make safety gaps when building huge setups. In the culminating session, club members worked together to create one huge setup using all the dominoes they had had, with 33 safety gaps in all.

“The kids were sad it was their final session, but proud of their final setup,” second grade teacher and Domino Club adviser Deb Phillips said.

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