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Morning Meetings Bring The Sunshine To Learning In North Merrick

Pictured: At Old Mill Road, kindergartners in Robin Isseks’s class named the colors and names of objects during a recent morning meeting.

Photo courtesy of North Merrick School District

Every classroom throughout the North Merrick School District has a unified, energetic and engaging start to their day through morning meetings, when peers reflect on what they’ve learned while looking ahead to what’s next.

Classes at each grade level have their schooldays kicked off by their morning meetings, which encourage student participation and retention of their past lessons. A community mindset is built as students also share their personal experiences. Fifth graders in Kathryn Pascarella’s class at Camp Avenue School, for example, recently started their day with the question, “What is one new thing you would like to try this year and why?” The prompt encouraged communication skills previously learned with active listening and eye contact. The class also worked together to use the process of elimination and find a mystery number before ending the morning with a “Steve Hartman on the Road” video, focusing on the lesson or theme learned and how they can apply that to their own lives.

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