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Town of Hempstead Partners with Mount Sinai South Nassau to Provide Complimentary Sunscreen at Town Operated Beaches and Pools

Supervisor Don Clavin was joined at Hewlett Point Park in East Rockaway by Dr. Adhi Sharma, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Clinical and Professional Affairs, along with members of the Hempstead Town Board, to announce the implementation of complimentary sunscreen dispensers at Town operated beaches and pool complexes.

Hewlett Point Park is one of 23 Town of Hempstead recreational facilities that will offer SPF 30 sunscreen via conveniently located dispensers at no cost to the public as part of a joint initiative between America’s largest township and Mount Sinai South Nassau to promote sun safety. Today’s announcement by Clavin and Dr. Sharma was also made by Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman Bruce Blakeman, Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, Councilman Dennis Dunne, Councilman Tom Muscarella, Councilman Chris Carini, Town Clerk Kate Murray and Receiver Jeanine Driscoll.

“It is vitally important that members of the public take sun safety precautions while enjoying our beautiful Town of Hempstead beaches, pools and parks,” said Clavin.  “The addition of these dispensers containing complimentary sunscreen at area recreational facilities is a palpable step America’s largest township is taking to safeguard pool visitors and beachgoers against overexposure to the sun. Thank you to Dr. Sharma and the team at Mount Sinai South Nassau for their efforts in helping us expand access to sunscreen for our residents.”

“This is the fourth year that we have proudly partnered with the Town of Hempstead to provide this essential Summer health and safety program,” said Adhi Sharma, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Clinical and Professional Affairs.  “Mount Sinai South Nassau’s promise to the communities and resident of the South Shore is to ensure that they always have convenient access to high-quality, compassionate medical and healthcare services.  This program is a small, but important example of our enduring commitment to fulfilling that promise.”

The joint effort between the Town of Hempstead and Mount Sinai South Nassau to provide sunscreen at no cost to the public at pools and beaches is part of an ongoing educational initiative spearheaded by the Town of Hempstead to spread awareness about the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun.  Large amounts of unprotected sun exposure can potentially lead to damaging health conditions such as skin cancer – the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States according to the United States Department of Health & Human Services, with over 5 million people treated each year. The rollout of the new sunscreen dispensers is ongoing at several township pools and beaches.

“The science surrounding sun safety is abundantly clear – wear sunscreen, and plenty of it,” said Clavin.  “With the implementation of these dispensers and the complimentary sunscreen they offer, members of the public are now able to enjoy many of Hempstead Town’s pristine beaches, sprawling parks and cool pools knowing they are within reach of potentially lifesaving sunscreen.”

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