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Town Launches New ‘Oyster Bay Today’ Webpage To Support Small Businesses & Downtowns

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and the Town Board announced the launch of a new interactive webpage entitled ‘Oyster Bay Today’ that aims to attract tourism and boost the local economy. Visitors are offered information on activities, sights, tastes, and sounds that the Town of Oyster Bay has to offer!

“From dining and shopping to recreation and leisure, Oyster Bay Today helps fill your calendar with local adventures and memorable experiences in the Town of Oyster Bay,” said Supervisor Saladino. “Oyster Bay Today’ fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among its visitors, reinforcing the town’s identity as a vibrant and inclusive community.”

Oyster Bay Today not only delivers event listings, business spotlights, historical tidbits, and local-interest stories, but brings these features to life with engaging and informative videos. Visitors can get preview videos of all the performers in our Music Under The Stars concert series.Meet the owners of your neighborhood’s newest restaurant or retail store. Find out what’s in the news around town. And enjoy micro-documentaries about the people, places, and events that brought us to where we are today.

In addition to serving as a comprehensive guide for residents and tourists alike, ‘Oyster Bay Today’ acts as a vital support system for local businesses and downtown areas. With a dedicated section highlighting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artisans, the webpage fosters a sense of community and encourages patronage of local establishments. By showcasing the unique offerings and stories behind each business, ‘Oyster Bay Today’ connects consumers with the heartbeat of the town’s economy, fostering a symbiotic relationship between residents and merchants.

To learn more about all that the Town of Oyster Bay offers, visit

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