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TLC Companions Urges Everyone To Join Them In Supporting Our Heroes Who Are On The Front Lines

As healthcare workers everywhere work long hours battling on the front lines against this virus they need to know how much we appreciate their devotion and sacrifice. TLC Companions will be adding 15% to our health aides pay to show our gratitude and sincere thanks.

We aren’t all able to to everything, but individually we can each make some small difference to make an impact and show these hard working individuals that they are appreciated!

TLC Companions urges everyone to think about how you can support our healthcare heroes. Each of us have an ability. Whether it’s sewing masks, donating PPE, or in our case increasing their pay, we should all come together in unity during this time of separation and isolation to show our unwaivering support.

-Greg and Robin Massimi
Owners, TLC Companions Home Healthcare.

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