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Long Island’s Senior Rabbi, Tuvia Teldon, Authors New Book Eight Paths of Purpose!

Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, the Senior Rabbi on Long Island, who heads a staff of over 50 rabbis in 38 centers, today announced the launch of his new book titled, Eight Paths of Purpose. Published by Outskirts Press (ISBN 978-1-9772-21580-2), the book takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the core operating system of how purpose works in our lives. Its premise is that the more we connect to our purpose, the more productive and happy our lives will be.

According to Rabbi Teldon, “This book is not about self-actualization or just finding some meaning in life, which are the standard interpretations for purpose given in so many self-help books. Instead, it is about taking ownership of your life circumstances to guide you in living a purposeful life while using your powerful influences to create a better world.”

The book explains many practical, down to earth ideas and tools for life which apply to every human being, no matter what their race or creed, whether a believer or atheist, and whatever their life circumstances. They are not complicated, and can be applied immediately to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. They can guide anybody to better understand, and then better fulfill, their specific purpose in life; not just a purpose, but their individual purpose. 

Rabbi Teldon continued, “People need these tools now more than ever, especially when we are facing so many challenges in life. When we know how purpose thinks, life makes a lot more sense, and our enthusiasm to live with zest grows exponentially.  I hope that this short book can make a big contribution to get this important conversation into full gear.”

Eight Paths of Purpose is available in soft cover online where books are sold for $15.95.

More about the Author:

Tuvia Teldon and his wife, Chaya, moved to Long Island as newlyweds in 1977. Within a year, their first born son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. The shock of this experience, and the following thirteen years until his death, drove Tuvia to delve into the wisdom of the ancient Jewish Sages. It was not just for the sake of knowledge; it was for the sake of his emotional and spiritual survival. What he learned helped him answer not only the questions he had about purpose in life, but also about the obstacles which stand in the way of fulfilling it. He feels passionately that he has an unfulfilled purpose – to teach people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities about the powerful lessons and tools he learned regarding how purpose thinks.

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