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Thanksgiving Brings Learners Together At McKenna In Massapequa

Pictured: First graders disguised paper turkeys in Thanksgiving craft project.

Photos courtesy of the Massapequa School District

They’ve been talking turkey and a few other Thanksgiving topics lately at McKenna Elementary School in the Massapequa School District. Students have been working on a variety of seasonal projects throughout November that are both fun and educational.

Fifth graders in Meghan Cumming’s class read “Balloons Over Broadway,” then envisioned themselves in the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Using Book Creator, each student made a slide of himself or herself in New York City holding a balloon. Their digital creations reflected their personal interests and the slides also included audio recordings about their custom balloons.

Thanksgiving Brings Learners Together At McKenna In Massapequa

Through Best Buddies, students came together to share what they are thankful for.

First graders in Emily Martella’s class visited their fifth grade buddies in Olivia Belfiore’s class for some Thanksgiving technology activities. Together, the buddies disguised a turkey and looked at pictures of seasonal objects to find everything that started with a “T.” They also had to crack a code by matching fall symbols to letters, revealing the secret word – “gobble.”

There were lots of turkeys hanging on the walls of the first grade hallway, but they were certainly hard to find. In a craft and writing project, students did their best to disguise the paper turkeys so they could stay safe on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Brings Learners Together At McKenna In Massapequa

Music teacher Nicole Boyle led students in singing to “Pass the Turkey” while they actually passed around a stuffed turkey waiting for a gobble.

In Nicole Boyle’s music class, students sang “Pass the Turkey” while doing just that – passing a stuffed turkey around in a circle. One student came to the front of the room and gobbled at the end of the song, and whoever was left holding the turkey would be next. Ms. Boyle said that the song reinforced musical concepts such as rhythm, tempo and keeping a steady beat.

Students in Best Buddies came together to write about family, friends and anything else they are grateful for on paper leaves, which were used to create a thankful tree.

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