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North Bellmore Students Gobble Up Math Knowledge

Pictured: John G. Dinkelmeyer School second graders, from left, Liam Duran, Erin Loechner, Reed Wiesneberg and Jack Cuadrado participated in the math turkey trot by going around the room and adding double digit numbers.

Photos courtesy of the North Bellmore School District

The second grade turkey trot was all about exercising the brain at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District. Wearing their paper turkey hats, students in Christine Shahin’s room went around the room solving math problems on Nov. 20.

North Bellmore Students Gobble Up Math Knowledge

Genevieve D’Andrea used the break apart method to solve the equation.

The young mathematicians are learning to add double-digit numbers using the break apart strategy, in which they split numbers into tens and ones. They traveled the room in small groups with clipboards and number charts to work out several equations and have conversations about their solving strategies.

North Bellmore Students Gobble Up Math Knowledge

First graders made paper turkeys with doubles equations on the feathers.

First graders also did seasonal math projects. They have been working on double facts – adding the same number twice – and wrote doubles equations and solutions on the feathers of paper turkeys.

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