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Tamarac Elementary School Celebrates Its 50th Year

Photos courtesy of the Sachem Central School District

Tamarac Elementary School in the Sachem Central School District is celebrating its
50 th year open. The building held a celebration during the first week of school to kick off the
anniversary year.

Tamarac faculty and staff held a celebration as students were dismissed on Sept. 9.

Sachem Central School District retirees, along with Superintendent of Schools Dr.
Christopher Pellettieri and Deputy Superintendent Patricia Trombetta, gathered at
Tamarac on Sept. 9 during dismissal. Students exited the building, walking past a large
number 50 sign as music played in the background. The retirees and Tamarac staff waved
to students as their buses pulled out, wishing them the best for this school year.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christopher Pellettieri, Deputy Superintendent Patricia Trombetta and Sachem faculty waved to students as they left the building for the weekend.

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