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Students Speak With Geologist Across The Globe

Pictured: Greg Henke, a Minnesauke parent and geologist, visited Ms. Babb’s third grade class to share his experiences visiting Kenya.

Photo courtesy of the Three Village Central School District

Third graders in Ms. Babb’s class at Minnesauke Elementary School are making connections between what they’ve learned in the classroom and real-life experiences. Recently, students have been studying about the countries that make up Africa. Parent of a student in the class and geologist, Greg Henke, visited the third graders to share his firsthand experience about working in Kenya throughout the year.

Mr. Henke explained to students how he studies rocks and how Africa came to be the continent it is today. He shared photos of his recent travels to Kenya and what his day looks like when he arrives at a site. After speaking with students, Mr. Henke introduced his colleague who lives in Kenya via Zoom. Students asked questions about his work and the Kenyan culture. They were excited to speak with someone from across the globe.

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