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Students Cheer For Lucky Ducks From A Distance

A first grade study of ducks in Donna Gianfortone’s class at Chippewa Elementary School in the Sachem Central School District didn’t slow down following the state-mandated school closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to an Instagram account she started allowing her class to track the ducks’ progress.

The Instagram account, Lucky Ducks of Chippewa, showcases the ducks’ journey beginning as eggs in an incubator and concluding with their trip to their new homes. Students submitted names for the ducks while they were being cared for by Gianfortone, and a video shows how the ducks chose their own names.

Photo caption: First graders from Chippewa Elementary School watched their class pets grow thanks to an Instagram account their teacher started. 

Photo courtesy of the Sachem Central School District

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