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Curran Announces Memorial Day Car Parade and New Tennis Guidelines

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced she will be hosting a Memorial Day car parade to honor those who selflessly lost their lives while fighting for our freedom as well as pay homage to the 75th Anniversary of World War II.  Residents are invited to watch the procession live on Facebook. 

“While we are all working to adapt to this new normal, it is important to find ways to stay true to our values as a community. This year, although we are not able to pay tribute to our fallen heroes in the traditional way, we are proud to honor them and commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end World War II with a car procession that will conclude at our Veterans Memorial at Eisenhower Park.  We will properly salute and take time to reflect on those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending our precious freedoms,” said Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

The Memorial Day car parade will take place on Monday, May 25. County Executive Curran and other local dignitaries will join with local veterans’ groups to pay tribute to fallen military personnel. The car parade will lead to the Veterans Memorial at Eisenhower Park.  Residents are encouraged to tune in live to salute and remember those who were lost in the line of duty on Facebook at

Curran also announced new tennis guidelines as the County’s outdoor tennis courts reopened Friday.  These guidelines, implemented to allow residents to practice the sport safely, include:

·  Only outdoor courts will open.
·  Only singles play.
· Every other court will be utilized. 
· Each player should bring their own sleeve of balls and should not touch other balls with hands to prevent cross contamination.  Players must use their foot or racket to send the ball back to the other player. 
· Do not share equipment. 
· To avoid confusion between the tennis balls, players are encouraged to use different colored tennis balls or put a mark (your initials, an X) on their tennis balls so they can easily tell between the two.

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