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Senator John Brooks Presents $260,000 Funding Award To The Village Of Amityville

Senator John E. Brooks (SD-8) was proud to present a $260,000 grant to the Village of Amityville in support of the Amityville Fire and Police Departments.

The funding award allowed the Amityville Fire Department to replace obsolete inventory through the purchase of new Motorola APX 8000 radios to outfit every apparatus with state-of-the-art multi-frequency portable radios – a necessary step for maintaining communication capabilities with multiple agencies from across the island.

Additionally, the grant allowed the Village of Amityville to purchase three new vehicles – one to be utilize by the Amityville Police Department, and two electric cars that will used by the building department and code enforcement staff as they make their rounds on inspections and quality of life tours in the Village. These new energy-saving vehicles will free up existing vehicles for other departments’ uses.

Said Senator Brooks, “I am proud to have been able to present this funding award to Mayor Dennis Siry, on behalf of the Village of Amityville. I see all of the great work that goes on in this community, so I am always thrilled when I am able to support their mission of continuing to provide quality public service to all the residents of Amityville.”

“We appreciate everything Senator Brooks has done for us. This funding is a huge help for a small village like ours, where the impact is really magnified. This helps keep taxes down for our residents and businesses,” said Mayor Dennis Siry.


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