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Second Grade Classes Transformed Into Mathematical Storefront

Photo courtesy of North Babylon School District

The halls of Marion G. Vedder Elementary School in the North Babylon School District were buzzing with excitement as Mrs. Milidantri and Mrs. Kreuscher’s second grade classes wrapped up their math money unit with a sale extravaganza. Transforming their classrooms into bustling stores and eager customers, these young scholars dove headfirst into the world of commerce and currency. With one class taking on the role of savvy shoppers and the other stepping into the shoes of enthusiastic patrons, every student had the chance to put their math skills to the test in a vibrant, real-world setting.

From deciphering bills and counting the value of coins, the students applied everything they’ve learned, turning the classroom into a dynamic hub of mathematical exploration and fun. The students made transactions, honing their mental math abilities and gaining a deeper understanding of the practical applications of arithmetic and money.

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