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Seaford Varsity Athletes Step Up As Leaders

Pictured: Seaford High School athletes recently attended a leadership conference focused on empathy in sports. From left are Athletic Leadership Council co-adviser Justin McCormack, juniors Jason Berthel, Myles Munro, Dre DaSilva, Skyler Secondino and Carrie Jean Block, co-adviser Ralph Pascarella and junior Ashley Tuohy.

Photo courtesy of the Seaford School District

Six varsity athletes from Seaford High School learned how to be good role models for their teammates during a conference hosted by the Nassau County High School Principals Association. Juniors Jason Berthel, Carrie Jean Block, Dre DaSilva, Myles Munro, Skyler Secondino and Ashley Tuohy attended the event at Great Neck North High School on Feb. 2, joined by peers from across the county.

The focus of this year’s Athletic Leadership Conference was empathy in sports and hazing. Athletes from about 25 schools were in attendance. The program included guest speakers and breakout sessions.

The Seaford athletes were joined by Athletic Leadership Council advisers Justin McCormack and Ralph Pascarella. They said the purpose of this year’s conference was to foster an accepting and inclusive environment within every athletic team, and ensure that all teammates feel valued and respected whether a first-year or a senior player.

“It gave me a better sense of how people are affected differently and to understand how people feel,” Myles said.

“You have to know your teammates,” added Skyler, who said she left with knowledge that will make her a better role model for others.

Jason Berthel learned methods to improve team chemistry. Ashley Tuohy liked having the chance to interact and talk about different topics with athletes from other Nassau County high schools.

The Seaford athletes explained that the speakers were very inspirational because all of them had played high school sports.

“It was a good experience because it gave us a new point of view,” Dre said.


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