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Popular Halloween Costumes For 2023

Costumes and candy are synonymous with Halloween. Individuals may spend weeks or months trying to come up with the perfect costumes for their trick-or-treating excursions or Halloween parties. Many children and adults also enjoy costume themes, in which they dress up to coordinate with others in their group.

There is always a steady selection of classic costumes that appeal to Halloween revelers, including vampires, cats, witches, and pirates. But one only need look to pop culture to come up with costumes unique to a particular year or era. The following are some costume ideas that figure to be wildly popular in 2023.

• Barbie™: Due to the release of the mid-summer motion picture “Barbie,” starring Margot Robbie as the titular character and Ryan Gosling as “Ken,” there are bound to be many pink-clad trick-or-treaters traveling through neighborhoods this fall. Barbie always has had an impressive wardrobe, so fans of the film can dress up in any of her signature looks.

• Ariel: Disney has reinvented many of its popular animated classics into live-action retellings, and “The Little Mermaid” took its turn this year. Life is more fun under the sea, so costumes for Ariel the mermaid and her underwater friends and foes figure to be popular.

• Creed: Rocky’s boxing spin-off series “Creed” gave fans its latest installment with “Creed III” in 2023. The boxing champ dons all-white or all-red color schemes in this movie, and fans may want to emulate that in their costumes.

• Geralt of Rivia: “The Witcher” fandom is widespread, and viewers were treated to another season of the Netflix series this summer. This is the final season with Henry Cavill in the titular role (Liam Hemsworth is reportedly set to take over), so fans may be inspired to dress the part for Halloween this year.

• Jigsaw: “Saw X” will be released on October 27, and the Jigsaw Killer might be a choice for those looking to instill fear around the neighborhood.

• Wednesday Addams: Fans took to the inspiring new Addams Family spinoff that explores life through Wednesday’s eyes. With her signature black frocks and pigtails, it doesn’t take much to look like this macabre teen.

• Nepo Baby: The phrase “Nepo Baby” grew wings this year with the spotlight placed on many celebrity kids whose rise to fame may have been pushed along by their successful parents. All it takes is a pair of jeans and plain white T-shirt with “Nepo Baby” on the front to pull off this look.

• Ted Lasso: The main character from the Apple TV series potentially has made his last appearance on the pitch, as the most recent season, which premiered in March, is rumored to be the show’s last. Nevertheless, Lasso’s goofy, down-to-earth-isms and unique look will live on through those who wear his signature mustache, jacket and visor.

Halloween costumes run the gamut of classics and pop culture references. This year people are bound to see some common threads in neighborhoods across the country.

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