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Officials Urge Boating Safety, Intensify Marine Law Enforcement Patrols Ahead Of Independence Day Weekend!

With the start of summer upon us, schools no longer in session and upcoming Independence Day holiday celebrations, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino joined with his colleagues in government to announce intensified patrols and remind residents of appropriate safety measures that should be taken when enjoying local waters. The Supervisor provided safety guidelines for boaters and personal watercraft operators and demonstrated the use of boater safety equipment. The Supervisor also signed an Executive Order to restrict the speed limit in Oyster Bay Harbor on Independence Day, as the location is often heavily trafficked with activity on the water for the holiday.

“Whether traveling in the Great South Bay or in beautiful Oyster Bay Harbor, all residents out on our waters are urged to take extra caution during the holiday week and on Independence Day,” said Supervisor Saladino. “My Town Board colleagues and I have ordered the Town’s Bay Constables to intensify patrols throughout the week and weekend to help prevent senseless accidents. In addition to observing speed limits, all levels of law enforcement will be out to make sure those who are enjoying our waterways are doing so responsibly.”

Town officials recognized members of the Town’s Bay Constables unit, who regularly patrol the waterways for the safety of all residents.

“Our Bay Constables – along with other agencies – are intensifying patrols and will be enforcing speed restrictions and targeting drunken boaters,” said Councilwoman Vicki Walsh. “As many of us know, holidays can often be a dangerous time as drunk drivers can get behind the wheel of a boat or car and put the lives and safety of innocent people in jeopardy. Earlier this month, our Bay Constables officers arrested a boater that was three times over the legal limit, and law enforcement personnel will be patrolling in force to stop drunken boaters and keep our residents and waterways safe. Remember, if you booze and cruise, you lose!”

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