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NYSCAME Selects 20 East Islip Student Musicians For All-County

Photos courtesy of East Islip School District

The East Islip student musicians – Erin Ackerman (soprano), Venti Ammenwerth (alto), Daniel Carroll (trumpet), Julianna D’Addario (alto), Julia Fink (soprano), Ryan Flad (trumpet), Florence Gonzalez (soprano), Ethan Greene (bass), Tyler Hilms (tenor), Kevin Huang (violin), Ryan Kelpie (bass), Brendan Kroupa (tenor), Richie LaSpina (violin), Samuel Martinez (tuba), Lorelai Mucciolo (alto), Olivia Quintero (viola), Hanna Ross (soprano), Aidan Sanders (bass), Ella Tantillo (French Horn) and Jack Wodicka (trombone) – will rehearse during November and perform at the NYSCAME All-County concert at the end of that month.

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