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Harborfields High School Artist Liza McPherson Earns Perfect Score On AP Exam

Photo courtesy of Harborfields Central School District

Harborfields High School student Liza McPherson was recently recognized for earning a perfect score on the AP Drawing Exam, which she took in May 2023. Advanced Placement exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5, and McPherson not only received the top score of 5 on the AP Drawing Exam, but was also one of only 308 students in the world to earn every point possible, receiving the maximum score on each portion of the exam.

“Liza is a truly exceptional student in my AP Art Class and I’m so proud of her,” teacher Jeanie Ritter said. “Liza’s artistic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, culminating in a perfect score for her AP drawing portfolio and prestigious national recognition from the Scholastic Art Awards, both accomplishments being firsts at Harborfields High School. Liza’s work is a testament to her profound introspection and her ability to forge deep connections between her thoughts and her artistry. Through her sustained investigation question, ‘How can I visually represent the depths and diversity of poetic literature?’ she has delved into the heart of contemporary literature, creative writing and visual art, weaving them seamlessly into her creations. Liza’s commitment to her craft and her relentless work ethic have been the driving forces behind her success. Her willingness to explore various paths within the AP art course while maintaining the core of her sustained investigation question demonstrates her versatility and dedication. I’m immensely proud to have had the privilege of being her teacher and witnessing the blossoming of such a talented young artist. I have no doubt that Liza’s future in the world of art and literature will be nothing short of brilliant, and we eagerly anticipate her continued journey of exploration and expression.”

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