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New Desks Equal a New Way of Learning in East Islip

In the East Islip High School classroom of teacher Gregory Kguloian, brand new desks are proving symbolic of a new way of learning. The recently acquired furniture is allowing students to take ownership of their own educational environment by rearranging the classroom into any configuration they want. The shape of the new desks allows the students to form cooperative groups of any size to help them break away from the “old way” of desks in a straight line all facing the front of the classroom.

“My intention is to let them sit and work together and face in any direction they choose,” Kguloian said. “Our young people can now take ownership of their freedom to learn, while being allowed to modify their own learning space. Desks no longer need to be in rows to facilitate orderly lessons.” 

Photo courtesy of East Islip School District

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