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Moms Need Timeouts Too!

While time-outs may be torturous for young children eager to get up and go, alone time may sound like paradise to busy mothers. It can be helpful for parents to schedule daily timeouts, though breaks a few times per week can do the trick as well. Timeouts can benefit moms who need a break during or after a long day. Such breaks can be restful and reenergizing. Any woman can benefit from a time-out, but working mothers juggling careers and home life may be especially in need of scheduled breaks.
Women who want to incorporate more breaks into their daily routines should know that it’s possible to do so, even on the most hectic days.
• You don’t need much time. A break doesn’t need to be extensive to be effective. Schedule around 30 minutes for the timeout. That’s just enough time to watch a sitcom, read a chapter in a book or enjoy a nice, steamy bath.
• Choose a kid-free time of day. If possible, select a timeout period when the kids are away from home or you can be guaranteed some alone time. If this is not possible, make an arrangement with your spouse to look after the kids while you get some alone time.
• Find an enjoyable activity. Select an activity for the timeout that you may not have the opportunity to enjoy when other people or tasks require your attention. Listening to music, taking an exercise class, writing in a journal, engaging in artwork or other crafts, or reading a book make for great timeout activities. A timeout is not the time to catch up on chores.
• Treat yourself on occasion. Build an extra treat into the time-out, such as a bite of a favorite dessert or purchasing a clothing accessory or a luxurious body butter. This can make the timeout even more enjoyable.
Timeouts can be utilized by women who feel they need opportunities to unwind and put themselves first for a short time.

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