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Crafts Lead The Way For Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a special time for children to show their appreciation for their mothers, grandmothers and the other special women in their lives. Older children typically are capable of designing their own Mother’s Day crafts or even shopping for gifts for Mom, while younger children will likely need some help from an adult. Youngsters […]

Surprise Mom With A Special Dessert In Her Honor

Mothers selflessly devote themselves to their children from infancy into adulthood. A mother’s love never wanes, and she’s always ready and willing to step in and put her children first. Mother’s Day is a great chance for men, women and children to honor the special women in their lives. Delicious homemade treats can show mothers […]
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Moms Need Timeouts Too!

While time-outs may be torturous for young children eager to get up and go, alone time may sound like paradise to busy mothers. It can be helpful for parents to schedule daily timeouts, though breaks a few times per week can do the trick as well. Timeouts can benefit moms who need a break during […]
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Dear Mom, I Love You!

The art of letter and card writing was an integral part of an English language art class at Winthrop Avenue School in Bellmore. Fourth grade teacher Christina Colletti’s students sharpened their letter writing skills by writing cards to their mothers for Mother’s Day. Ms. Colletti said the class has been responding to various writing prompts, […]