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Mepham Head Custodian Praised For Extinguishing FIre

Pictured: Superintendent Michael Harrington, Board President Janet Goller, head custodian Charlie Pennington, board trustee Nina Lanci, Director of Facilities Jon Simpkins and Principal Anthony DeMartinis.

Photo courtesy of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District

Charlie Pennington, head custodian at Wellington C. Mepham High School, was recognized at the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District’s Oct. 4 board meeting for extinguishing a fire in the school’s kitchen near the end of the summer.

Pennington had been landscaping the grounds when a call come over the radio that the fire alarm was going off and smoke was pouring out of the kitchen area.

Pennington relied upon his more than 30 years of training and service as a volunteer firefighter to quickly and safely eliminate the threat.

“Due to Mr. Pennington’s quick thinking and selfless actions, no one was injured in the incident and there was no permanent damage to the building,” said trustee Nina Lanci at the board meeting. “This is just an example of the type of person he is, and the way in which he has dedicated himself to the Mepham community at large.”

Pennington has served the community for several years and has a reputation of always going above and beyond for Mepham and the entire district.

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