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Massapequa Middle School Artists Make A Face

Pictured: Nick LoGiudice, left, and Christian Pepe enjoyed making their abstract pattern faces. 

Photos courtesy of the Massapequa School District

Creative expression is the hallmark of the boo-face project, an annual artistic endeavor for seventh graders at Berner Middle School in the Massapequa School District. Students bring together all of the elements and principles of art in one piece, such as color, line, shape, space and value.

The abstract pattern drawing and painting takes several weeks to complete. Each student first creates four thumbnail sketches, then picks one to turn into a larger piece of art. The themes of this year’s faces were wide-ranging, from animals to monsters to holiday characters. Many students bring their own personal hobbies and interests into the art.

Massapequa Middle School Artists Make A Face

Berner Middle School seventh graders work on the boo-face projects in their Foundations of Art class.

The boo-face projects are completed in all Foundations of Art classes, taught by Bethany Bracconier, Alison Clemente, Jason Coppola, Heather Cullinan and Antoinette Kearney. It is a long-standing tradition for Berner’s seventh grade artists, allowing them to express their individuality while also applying their knowledge of multiple artistic techniques.

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