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Lessons On The Aztecs, Incas And More In Rocky Point

Pictured: Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School students and teachers Mark Yashowitz, Mara Lopez and Brittany Reh.

Photo courtesy of the Rocky Point School District

Rocky Point’s Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fifth graders showed off some research, creative and social skills when they hosted a Native American showcase recently. Teachers Mark Yashowitz, Mara Lopez and Brittany Reh tasked the students to each create a slideshow, diorama and maps of what they learned about the Aztecs, the Incas and other Native American groups to present to school administrators, family members and classmates.

The gymnasium was filled with visitors who were pleased to listen to students who were well-versed in the work they did. They even created some games, highlighted advancements in transportation, language and communication skills and commerce of their groups.

According to Yashowitz, the idea was a great way to synthesize the lessons into a coherent whole – a successful way for the students to take ownership of their learning

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