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Islanders Talk Teamwork At Seaford Harbor

Photo courtesy of the Seaford School District

Sparky the Dragon may have been the attraction, but the message about teamwork was the greatest takeaway for Seaford Harbor Elementary School students during a program hosted by the New York Islanders on Jan. 18.

The Islanders School Assembly featured sessions for students in grades K-2 and 3-5. Members of the Community Relations team fired up the students, many clad in Islanders gear or blue and orange attire.

For a teamwork demonstration, one student and one teacher were invited to the front for a race to put on goalie equipment. The student had help, while the teacher did not, and it was not a surprise when the student was the winner during both sessions. The youngsters were reminded that school is a team, and they are supported by their principal, teachers and nurse, just like the Islanders have a general manager, coaches and trainers.

Another key message was the importance of living a healthy life through a proper diet and exercise. Students explored healthy eating habits and ways to stay active such as playing team sports or going for a walk.

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