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Horizons And Youth Bureau Kick-Off The 5th Annual Pizza Box Top And Sticker Shock Campaign To Combat Underage Drinking

The Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling and Education Center and Smithtown Youth Bureau, in conjunction with the 4th Precinct of the Suffolk County Police Department, launched the 5th Annual Pizza Box Top and Sticker Shock campaign on Friday, April 30th. This youth-led initiative works to educate and change adult attitudes regarding providing or selling alcohol to minors. Eight youth volunteers devoted their Friday afternoon to adhering a total of 1950 prevention stickers to carry-out bags at participating pizzerias and local Wine & Spirits shops.

“This is the fifth year we are holding this event. It is a great way to discuss the importance of preventing underage drinking to our community members. We hope the underage drinking prevention stickers help to open a dialogue in families that may not have happened without it. The young people, liquor stores and the pizzerias involved are wonderful to work with and very committed to our Township. Working in partnership with the Town’s Youth Bureau gives opportunity for some of their registered student volunteers to play an active, empowering role in educating peers and neighbors, and improving the health of their community.” – Kelly DeVito- Youth Services Coordinator, Horizons Counseling and Education Center
Four youth volunteers participated in the Pizza Box Top event, adhering 1,450 prevention messaging stickers on carry out bags at local Pizzerias; Mema’s in Commack, Branchinellis in Hauppauge, Mama’s Brick Oven in Hauppauge, and Buona Sera in Smithtown. Four youth volunteers participated in this year’s Sticker Shock campaign, adhering 500 prevention stickers on carry out bags from Figari’s Liquor and Wine store and YM Liquor and Wine Store. A total of 1,950 carry-out bag were branded with prevention stickers which read; Your Decisions Matter- Preventing underage drinking is everyone’s responsibility,

Suffolk County Police Department 4th precinct Cope officers, LaVeglia and Dono gave a presentation to the volunteers about the social host law, underage drinking and the dangers of marijuana prior to the awareness activity. The New York social host law can impose liability on a social host who provides alcohol to an adult (21 years of age or older) should that person become intoxicated and cause injury to another person as a result of that intoxication.


Alcohol is the most widely abused drug by young people.
During these times when more people are spending time at home, alcohol use is increasing.

For more information on this and future youth empowerment programs, contact Kelly DeVito at Smithtown Horizons Counseling & Education Center at (631)360-7578 or Stacey Sanders at the Smithtown Youth Bureau at (631) 360-7

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