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Clavin And Murray Relaunch Town Of Hempstead’s ‘Do Not Knock’ Program

In an effort to enhance quality of life and public safety by reducing the number of unwanted solicitors, Supervisor Don Clavin and Town Clerk Kate Murray today announced the relaunching of the “Do Not Knock” program. The goal of this program is to curtail to unnecessary interruptions at the door, while also discouraging unlicensed peddlers from disturbing residents. The program was renewed due to popular demand, and the desire for residents to maintain privacy within their own homes particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were also joined by Councilman Dennis Dunne Sr., at the home of the Vardakis family of East Meadow.

Residents can now request free “Do Not Knock” decals through the Hempstead Town Clerk’s Office to place on their front doors in an effort to prevent the disturbances caused by solicitors and peddlers.

“After returning home from a long day of work, the last thing people want are multiple strangers creating disturbances at their front door,” Clavin said. “With the relaunching of the Town of Hempstead’s ‘Do Not Knock’ program, we are hopeful that residents can be more at ease and solicitors are reminded of the town’s existing laws that discourage unauthorized peddling in our neighborhoods.”

“We understand our residents’ busy lifestyles and desire for some peace and quiet when they return home,” Murray said. “Interruptions from peddlers and solicitors while we eat dinner, watch our favorite television shows and spend quality time with the family are more than just a nuisance. By participating in the town’s ‘Do Not Knock’ program, residents will be helping to ‘shut the door’ on unwanted interruptions.”

In addition to providing these free decals, the town is also taking steps to keep unlicensed peddlers and solicitors away from your front door. Currently, all door-to-door peddlers and solicitors conducting business in the Town of Hempstead must display a town-issued photo I.D., which is only provided upon completion of a criminal background check. Those persons must also obtain a Certificate of Authority from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Under current town code, which was approved in 2015 under Murray’s leadership during her previous tenure as Supervisor, peddlers and solicitors are prohibited from entering private premises where there is a posted sign that indicates “no peddlers,” “do not knock” or “no solicitors.” Legally permissible peddling or soliciting is only authorized between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

The Supervisor and Town Clerk remind residents that non-profit organizations are not required by law to obtain permits. With that, the Town of Hempstead requires these non-profits to provide information to local enforcement regarding when and where they will be so authorities can handle residential inquiries accordingly.

“Your participation in the town’s “Do Not Knock” program will go a long way toward “shutting the door” on unwanted interruptions,” Murray said. “Thank you to Town Clerk Kate Murray for her leadership in reinstating this important program that will enhance public safety and quality of life for neighbors of America’s largest township,” Clavin added.

Residents can request their “Do Not Knock” decals by visiting, and follow the link to Clavin and Murray’s ‘Do Not Knock’ program. Residents can also call for a decal by calling Town Clerk Murray’s office at 516-812-3025. You can visit to request your free decal as well.

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