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Harborfields Science Students Complete Cold Spring Harbor Labs Program

Photo courtesy of Harborfields Central School District

Harborfields High School science research students Jessica Dean, Jackson Dunham, Alexa Green, Riley Lyons and Leah Vapnyar recently completed their last session at the Cold Spring Harbor Labs Science Journal Club. The lab offers this program exclusively to Harborfields students.

Throughout the course of this school year, these five students attended 15 biweekly sessions at the Carnegie Library on the CSHL campus, and presented landmark papers with both scientists and archivists. In addition, they were given a behind-the-scenes glimpse at three labs on the cutting edge of research in the fields of breast cancer, neuroscience and plant genetic engineering. Each student was presented with a certificate by the library archivists and scientists that they had worked with all year.

“The Science Journal Club gave these students not only an opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills, but also a chance to see real-world applications to the science concepts that they learn in class,” science research teacher Michael Pinto said.

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