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Harborfields High School Musicians Selected For NYSCAME All-County Honors

Photos courtesy of Harborfields Central School District

In mid-September, nearly a dozen Harborfields High School upperclassmen –Brooke Cheskes (clarinet), Shea Flynn (double bass), Amelia Freiberger (soprano 1), Andrea Holohan (soprano 2), Peter Hoss (oboe), Justin Lowenhar (bass 1), Gabriella Messing (flute), Hartley Semmes (trumpet), Katherine Spahn (soprano 1), Camryn Taylor (viola) and Andrew Walden (trombone) – received word that they had been selected for NYSCAME All-County ensembles. A true all-county not broken down by region or school size, these instrumental and vocal outfits present the best of the best in music throughout Suffolk County.

NYSCAME groups, exclusively composed of juniors and seniors, will rehearse several times in the month of November, eventually performing a culminating concert the Friday before Thanksgiving.

“These students have spent their entire school careers putting their best efforts into music, so it’s incredibly gratifying to see them receive this recognition and have this opportunity during their final years in Harborfields,” K-12 Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky said. “We congratulate these budding musical artists on their NYSCAME selection.”

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