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Halloween At Harbor Is A Blast

Photos courtesy of the Seaford School District

A Halloween parade was just the beginning of the fun at Seaford Harbor Elementary School on Oct. 31, as activities throughout the day were centered around the spooky holiday.

Halloween At Harbor Is A Blast

First graders, from left, Elisabetta Valerio, Nora McGinley and Lilly Meier worked together to build a haunted house out of cubes for their ghost.

Students and staff marched out of the school, down the driveway and up and down the access road to show off their creative costumes. Parents lined the sidewalk to take pictures on the perfect fall day.

Halloween At Harbor Is A Blast

Second graders wrote opinion pieces about their favorite candy.

Back in school, learning had a Halloween twist. First graders in Melanie Bien’s class worked in teams to build haunted houses out of blocks in a STEAM challenge. They had to make sure the house had a door big enough for a ghost to go inside. In Deirdre Baldassarre’s second grade class, parents were invited in to make Halloween snow globes. Then, children shared their opinion writing pieces about their favorite candy with their special guests.

Halloween At Harbor Is A Blast

Charlotte Moeller, left, helped Emerson Hutchinson come up with the shape of bat wings for their collaborative Halloween project.

Kerry Hansen’s fifth grade classroom has double to fun, as students welcomed their third grade buddies from Nancy Kempner’s classroom. Together, children had to add paper wings to a bat, and then see which one could fly the farthest.

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