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Gift Ideas For High School Graduates

The class of 2024 soon will be donning their caps and gowns and receiving their diplomas. After commencement ceremonies, graduation parties will soon follow. For party guests, that means finding the right gifts for grads.

Some high school graduates will continue their studies at colleges and universities. Others may pursue careers in various trades. Still, some graduates may be ready to enter the workforce right away. No matter the direction, these gifts can treat graduates to something special.

Travel accessories
Graduates may want to go on a trip before they take the next step in their lives. Quality travel gear is a worthy investment. Select luggage that won’t exceed airport carry-on limits so grads can cut the baggage check lines when they dart away to locales near or far. Carry-on bags also fit easily in bus cargo areas or in the trunks of cars. Pair the gifts with standard or digital luggage tags.

Streaming TV device
While it’s certainly possible to watch favorite shows or films on mobile devices, viewing is that much clearer on televisions. Rather than graduates having to invest in cable television wherever they go, streaming devices like AppleTV or Roku are portable, which means they can be used at home, in a dorm room or on vacation.

Secured credit card
Individuals typically are eligible to apply for credit cards once they reach age 18, which is the age most students are when they graduate high school. Credit cards are one method of establishing solid credit, so it can be beneficial for a teen to have one. But it can be challenging for individuals with no credit histories to get approval. A secured card, according to CapitalOne, is a credit card that requires money deposited with the credit card issuer in order to open the account. This security deposit is held by the issuer as long as the account is open. Often the security deposit is the same as the credit limit. Gift-givers can help establish secured cards for grads by providing the funds for the security deposits.

Wireless earbuds or headphones
Upgrade grads’ audio with the newest wireless earbuds or headphones. This way they can take them to the gym or use them to listen to shows or music while sharing spaces with others, including college roommates.

Smartphone wallet case
Teenagers are seldom without their phones. A smartphone wallet case enables graduates to stash IDs, credit or debit cards and some cash into specially designed pockets built into the phone cases. This keeps all essentials in one spot.

Framed memorabilia
Whether a graduate was a star athlete or a premier member of the marching band, gift-givers can provide special memories of time spent in school. Frame ticket stubs, sports jerseys, show programs, or other memorabilia that commemorates a graduate’s glory days at their alma mater.

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