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6 Tips For Planning A Graduation Party

Graduation season is a festive time of year. Each year, graduating students close a notable chapter in their lives. But as one chapter closes, another opens.
Many families commemorate graduation with a celebration. Planning a graduation party requires some work, but the efforts can be well worth it in the end. Here are six tips for planning a graduation party.

1. Start early with planning
Graduation season is a busy time of year. Many notable events take place in spring. In addition to graduation, Mother’s Day, weddings, communions, make up many people’s spring social schedule. Each of these special events will be competing in a relatively small window of time for the same vendors and services in various communities. Set a date for the graduation party as soon as possible so that all other components of planning can fall into line. Also, it would be wise to send out invitations well in advance so guests can plan ahead and make it to the festivities.

2. Set a budget
Graduation season can stretch families’ budgets. Graduation caps and gowns, travel, gifts, and special occasion attire will need to be to purchased. It is important to budget accordingly if you plan to throw a party. Budget will dictate whether yours is a large affair or something more intimate. Realistically assess what you can afford before you make any promises.

3. Plan easy food options
Food is not the focal point of a graduation party like it is during a wedding reception. Therefore, hosts have more leeway with the menu when planning a graduation party. Choose finger foods and others that can be grabbed and eaten on the go, as people will want to mingle and have time to congratulate the graduate.

4. Choose the right venue
Budget may dictate the type of venue. Having a graduation party at home can work, provided you have the space. If your graduate has requested a theme, then the party location can align with that theme. For example, a luau theme may work best around a pool or at the beach. If you will be hiring entertainment, make sure there is enough space and electrical hookups for equipment as well. Give neighbors a heads-up if you’ll be hosting at home.

5. Consider an open-house event
Various graduation parties may be going on at the same time, particularly on weekends. Consider an open time frame for guests to drop by and then leave when they desire. This makes it easy for the graduate’s friends to stop by when they can, rather than having a fixed schedule for the party.

6. Personalize decorations
Set the party apart with some personalized decorations that fit the theme. This can include using school colors, photography, the graduate’s name, or specific quotes or interests of the graduate on banners and more. Personalized decorations also mean that the grad can save something to serve as a memento of this exciting time in his or her life.
Graduation season is on the horizon, and it’s best to start thinking about parties as soon as possible.

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