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Dear Mom, I Love You!

The art of letter and card writing was an integral part of an English language art class at Winthrop Avenue School in Bellmore. Fourth grade teacher Christina Colletti’s students sharpened their letter writing skills by writing cards to their mothers for Mother’s Day.

Ms. Colletti said the class has been responding to various writing prompts, or sentence starters, to learn to write expressively. She provided a Google Slides card template, and the students were instructed to finish sentence starters by typing their message on the card’s flowers.

Some of the sentence starters included “You are special because…,” Thank you for…,” and “I love you because…” These details, Ms. Colletti said, provided a unique message so mothers knew exactly why their child loves them. After the messages were edited, the students printed the cards to share with their moms on Mother’s Day.

Photo courtesy of the Bellmore School District

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