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Chatterton Students Gobble Up Reading At Book Tasting

Photos courtesy of Merrick Union Free School District

Students in Kelly Gonzalez’s third grade class at Chatterton School in the Merrick Union Free School District stepped into a “café” on Sept. 14 and were able to “sample” reading materials during a book tasting activity.

Tablecloths and place settings were dotted around the classroom to give a restaurant feel. After devouring a few pages, students responded to their reading using their book tasting menus.

The activity allowed students to explore various genres of books.

“This year, I really wanted to make sure that students were taking home books in their book bags that they couldn’t wait to read,” Gonzalez said. “I started by reading a silly read aloud titled, ‘I Don’t Want to Read This Book’ by Max Greenfield to discuss choosing books that we actually want to and will read.”

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