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Calhoun Celebrates Homecoming

Photos courtesy of Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District

The Sanford H. Calhoun High School football team defeated Herricks High School, 28-6 at their homecoming game on Sept. 17.

The Calhoun High School football team defeated Herricks, 28-6, at their homecoming game on Sept. 17.

Ahead of the game, Calhoun held a festival for the community, which included school clubs, food trucks and some activities and giveaways.

From left, Ayana Mascary, Tobias Seabold, Nickolas Mascary and Ashleigh Coyne volunteered at the Racial Equity Club booth.

Bryce Gould-Anderson and Julia Parente were named homecoming king and queen, respectively. The court also included nominees Luke Gallo, Gavin Giordano, Julianna Belbol, and Sophie Tripiccione.

Principal Nicole Hollings was in the press box, announcing the game. The Calhoun Rock Band, led by Ed Tumminelli, provided musical interludes throughout the game. Cheer and kickline teams entertained the crowd both during the game and at halftime. Charlie the Colt, the school’s mascot, was also on hand to spread school spirit.

Seniors on the kickline squad.

Calhoun also dedicated the Calhoun Arch at the field’s entrance in memory of Joseph Michalski. The metal archway, which reads Calhoun Colts, was donated by the former student’s family.

From left, Samantha Shaiken, Holly Dachs and Avery Dujardin showed off their Colts spirit wear.


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